Mar 20

Taking a Leap of Faith to Boost Business Performance

We have been talking amongst ourselves at LYSB for months now about running an online event to launch our business to the next level. We know it’s a good idea, we know it will only push us forward, but it has seemed difficult at times to take the first steps we need to to get it off the ground (sound familiar to anyone?). So we have put it off, fluffed around with other tasks we tell ourselves are important, and generally procrastinated cos it has all felt too hard.

However… in the past two weeks we finally held our breath, said a few affirmations, and took a leap of faith – the outcome of which has meant we are not only committed to a date, but have enlisted the support of ‘experts’ in our field…and now there’s no looking back (cos now we have other people on board we can’t back out, scary as the whole thing is!).

So while it was a leap out of our comfort zone to take those first steps and invite ‘experts’ to help us with our event, the rewards in terms of our confidence and commitment have already been huge…

Based on our success with taking a leap of faith this week we encourage you to do the same, and then share it with us!

  • What is one thing you have been putting off for weeks, or even months? (take a look at your to-do lists from the last month and it will be the item that you keep transferring from week to week, rather than ticking it off!).
  • If you could take one action TODAY that would boost your confidence and help you secure a new client or get the word out there, what would it be?
  • Perhaps it is calling someone, launching a web page, telling a client that you can no longer work with them (in light of this week’s success strategy!), committing the financial resource to up-skill yourself in your business, or attending a networking event.

And do let us know what your action is and how you get on – your success will only encourage other women in business to take the plunge themselves!

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  • So funny I am reading this today. I have been contemplating contacting a client of mine to discontinue our working relationship but I keep putting it off and putting it off. So you just gave me a push!

  • Denisse – thanks so much for your comment – and let us know how it feels when you have taken the leap!
    warm wishes

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