Oct 10

Imperfect Action vs Perfect Inaction…the impact on business performance!


"Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction”

I don't recall where or when we came across this quote, but it has been so helpful on a number of occasions.

Striving for perfection

In months gone by, Janine and I would work really hard on elements of our business, striving to achieve a very high standard and not wanting to put anything but the best out for our clients to see.

But while the intention was good, the effect was a little crippling…. we would wait till things were perfect and as a result, nothing happened! We would tweak and tinker and discuss and go back to the drawing board… but the end result was always perfect inaction

Was anything ever going to be perfect? No way!

The difference between perfection and excellence

Somewhere along the way we remembered that there is a difference between perfection and excellence, and when we heard the quote above, realised that we had been stuck in the perfect inaction section!

Want some business advice? You gotta make stuff happen!

So one we heard this quote we took it on board and have been in full swing action-taking mode ever since. Sure some things are less excellent than we'd like them to be, and we have had a few 'cringe' moments on listening to ourselves or watching our videos, but ultimately we've decided that we're better to be putting things out there at whatever standard of excellence we can achieve at the time rather than waiting till things are perfect… cos we'll be waiting a looooong time!

The result has been great for us in terms of our business performance, our learning and our mindset! So we'll continue to shoot for imperfect action, specially when the other option is perfect inaction. Perfect indeed!

It's your turn for imperfect action!

That said, do where do you think you sit? Are you a perfect inactioner or do you take imperfect action?

taking action, making it happen, small businessI challenge you to think of one thing that you have been thinking about or working on, that you have not yet taken action on as you are waiting for perfection.

Now go out there and make it happen.

Let it be imperfect.

It will still be great

And who knows what might happen once you put it out there!

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  • This was an area of struggle with me for a long time. e must remember that perfectionism keeps us stuck in a mindset that says that “I can’t be, do or have enough”. This destroys self confidence and self esteem. I now take “inspired action” and recognize that this allows me the freedom of growth and personal discovery. Thank you for a great blog post.
    Kadena Tate http://www.e3woman.com

    • Thanks for your comments Kadena. It;s so interesting to hear the words you use around it as I believe these say so much about what’s going on in our minds (as you said!). “Inspired Action” is lovely – thanks for sharing your take on it! Jo

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