Jan 17

Start Using Your Intuition to Grow Your Business!

How in touch are you with your intuition?

Have you thought about how you might be able to tap into your intuition to improve your business?

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is an ultra-successful author and coach determined to help people who are committed to personal growth and transformation. Some of her achievements so far are successful programmes in book mentoring for aspiring writers, creative money management and a ‘creative dreams made real’ programme.

SARK also specializes in Intuitive Flashes – and there is a FREE one coming up during a teleclass on January 19 called:“SARK’s Intuitive Flash” (scheduled for 6 p.m. Pacific, 9 p.m. Eastern). During this call, SARK will provide you with tools for expanding intuition in your own life – so you can use it to complete your dance from DREAMing to DOing.

Jo and I invite you to attend this call and reflect on how you can apply what SARK teaches to improving your business!

When you join the call you will also get a chance to hear one of SARK’s intuitive flashes about your own work. How cool is that!  Register here.

P.S This type of info is usually sent out to our newsletter community but because we only found out about this event today, hence a blog post instead. If you are interested in hearing about these kind of tools and how they can help you create a more profitable, creative and inspiring business please register for our newsletter above on the right. See ya there! Janine and Jo

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