Business Planning Made Easy: Foundation Workshop


Take the first steps towards creating a transformational Business Plan with this Foundation Workshop.


  • Do you know you need to take steps to grow and enhance your business but are not sure where to start?
  • Do you want to more closely align your business with your personal values?
  • Are you considering investing in consulting for your business but want to test it our first?


Our Business Planning Made Easy Foundation Workshop is the first step towards creating or refining a transformational business plan and examining the relationship between your business and your personal life. Through this workshop you will:
  • Gain a clear understanding of your personal purpose
  • Examine and define the purpose of your business
  • Look at and fine tune the interaction between your personal purpose and that of your business so you can acknowledge the alignment
  • Develop goals for your business that flow out of your purpose
  • Apply exciting new management tools to your business so you can be a more effective manager and leader.
  • Take time out to work on your business not in your business (and the great benefits of doing so)
  • Use nature and the outdoors to access your creativity and come up with innovative solutions for your business.
  • Take the first steps towards creating a new level of work life balance that will help you reduce stress
  • Get serious about making your business work for you (and not the other way round)
  • Have an opportunity to take further steps towards your goals with our Business Planning Made EAsy  DIY Business Retreat and Online Consulting Package.

If you want to create a focused and strategic business plan using a creative process designed specifically for women in business  AND you want to do it without compromising on your health, balance or integrity you are in the right place.

This Foundation Workshop is Part One of our complete Business Planning Made Easy DIY Retreat and Online Consultancy Package which has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by women in small business.


We understand that you may want to give our product a test run before investing in the total consulting package.

That is why we are offering this Foundation Workshop – an opportunity for you take the first steps while also testing out our consulting package.

I can proudly say I’ve never been so happy about the direction the business is taking and what our business stands for than I am right now. Janine and Jo have given us the tools to enable a good business to become a great business and for that I’m extremely grateful. Many thanks to your both for what you’ve done for us so far!

Rachel Ogg, Director, KiwiOz Nannies


Why choose us as your consultants?

There are hundreds of management consultants out there, so why should you spend your precious time and energy with us?

Between us we have 15 years of experience managing and developing people and leaders. We have taken our experience and combined it with thousands of $$$ worth of training in a variety of management techniques to provide you with a package specifically designed for women in small business.

We pay attention to creating real change at a deeper level in your business. Our processes quickly address the challenges you face by going to the root or core of the problems. We do this by using creative and ‘whole-person’ tools that access your inner wisdom and knowledge, working at the level of personal purpose, values and assumptions. This is a pioneering approach and quite a shift from traditional business management approaches and according to our clients, it really works.

We do not intend to come in and tell you what to do, nor will we pretend that we are the experts in your business – that is your job. Instead, we provide you with empowering tools to help you tap into the knowledge, experience and creativity you already have within you to create innovative solutions for your business. Better still, these tools will not only benefit your business but improve your life too. That’s why we do it!

We acknowledge that it can be a real challenge to integrate what you learn during training or workshops back into your business. So….. we specialize in solutions and support that effectively transfer your learning back into the ‘real’ world – your workplace

Our approach is NOT a quick fix and we are open about that. We acknowledge that sometimes real change can be difficult and we encourage you to take time out of your busy life to really question and reflect. By doing this, you are empowered to work through change in your business in a healthier and more conscious way.


What does the Foundation Workshop Include?

This workshop is delivered online and presents a series of questions, models, and exercises designed to get you on the path to business success. You will receive:

Part 1 of 7 interactive ‘workshops’ where you can access our consultancy services online at a time, pace and place convenient for you. The Foundation Workshop represents approximately a half-day of face-to-face consultancy time.

Participation in an
exciting new online consulting tool – one of the first of its kind on the internet!

1-2-1 feedback and support online from us, your personal business consultants

Access to a pioneering new approach to business management that tackles issues at a deeper level to create
long-term, transformational change for you and your business. This program is not a quick fix that will fizzle out!

Adventurous and playful exercises that will get you out of the office and into nature. These activities are designed to help you tap into your ‘inner wisdom’ and experience so that you can develop
innovative solutions for your business

The option to complete the workshop online or to print out the resources so you can get out of the office to you favourite café or spot in the outdoors.
A step-by-step process to clarify what you want from business consulting and what is important to you if you decide to move forward with us as your consultants.

This could not have come at a better time for me, the modules were easy to work through with small steps leading towards revealing incredible results. My business partner has recently relocated to Sydney, Australia from the UK so we worked through the first 6 modules together and found that after nearly 8 years of owning the business together we were finally able to put down on paper our purpose, values and vision!

Lisa Rutledge, Director, KiwiOz Nannies


How do I get started?

The first step is to ensure you have completed our FREE 1:2:1 business breakthrough strategy session.This is a preparatory workshop that must be completed prior to launching into our Foundation Workshop.

If you have already had your 1:2:1 strategy session with us, read on and you can sign up directly for this Foundation Workshop below.

If you have NOT yet taken the opportunity for this 1:2:1 session, it is a crucial first step (and it is available for free so why not?). This strategy session will get you on the way to identifying how you can succeed in your business with health, balance and intregrity and will introduce you to the LYSB way of working so that by the time you sign up for the Foundation Workshop you will already be familiar with our model.

The first step of your free session is to complete a short online workshop prior to attending your 1:2:1 session. This tells us a bit about you and your business so that we are prepared for the session and it lets us know you are serious about your investment in your work.

Once we receive your completed workshop, we will send you an email explaining how to book your 1:2:1 strategy session with us. Your online workshop is hosted by a tool called Jigsaw Box – to get started click here to create your account. If you don’t have time to complete the workshop now simply create your account and come back to it later, you can login and get started anytime.

Sign up for your FREE Strategy Session.


Yes, but…

As you probably already know, there are many great reasons why you should invest in your business in this way. Often is also seems that there are plenty of reasons that pop up for us as to why we should not. We acknowledge your concerns and would like to address some of them here….

I’m hesitant to make the financial investment.

It can be a challenge to justify spending money on consultancy fees which don’t appear to create immediate financial gain for you and your business. We understand as we have faced this issue time and time again ourselves as we have built our business. However, we firmly believe that there are several GREAT reasons why you should consider taking this step:

  • Our online approach to consultancy means it is much more affordable than face-to-face consulting.
  • This initial trial workshop will give you a taste of what is to come, so you can try our programme out for a fraction of the cost before you commit to the complete consultancy package
  • Consider the cost to you, your health, relationships and business if you do not commit to this programme – you could choose to carry on as you are, but where will you end up in one, 6, or 12 months time if you do not take action to address those things currently holding you back in your business and in your life?

PLUS We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you put 100% effort into our workshop and still don’t feel as if you gained $147 worth of value from it we will give you your money back anytime within the first 30 days. All we ask is that you let us know what it was about the program that didn’t work for you – that way we can take what we learn from you and use it to improve our program.

Can this package really help me get the results I want from my business?

You could try to achieve these same results on your own but we believe…

#1 That the time and expense you will need to invest to get the ideas, tools and support to move forward will cost you far more than our consultancy package. We have spent the money and time developing our programmes so that you don’t have to. We have designed a comprehensive package that meets the needs of women in small business for a relatively small investment.

#2 Investing in your business now is going to save you money, time and your precious life energy in the long-run. If you are reading this page, it is likely that you know that there are issues in your business that need addressing – how much longer are you going to ignore them or distract yourself with other tasks? If this sounds like you, surely it is time to take a step forward or you risk staying in the same place for yet another year!

Does online consultancy work?

We are aware that management consulting usually takes place face to face but feedback from our clients so far has made us confident that our online delivery does not compromise on quality or outcomes in any way. In fact, there are a multitude of benefits that come with online consulting, including:

  • access to your consulting package at a time and places that suits you, rather than having to commit to pre-arranged times
  • you can take as long as you need to really think through your responses to the questions and exercises that are posed, without the restriction of a one-hour phone call
  • online workshops can be delivered to you at a fraction of the price of face to face consulting

Please do not let your fears or assumptions about online coaching be a barrier to your decision to try our program. Remember, we offer a 100% money back guarantee so if it isn’t for you, you get your money back and you haven’t lost anything by giving it a go.


Your Investment

We believe this foundation workshop is worth more than $350 US in value to you and your business. We are offering it for significantly less than that because we are passionate about giving women in business the opportunity to try out our package AND we are very confident that they will see the benefits and go on to purchase our complete consulting package. For those reasons, we have made this first workshop available for a discounted price of just $147 US.


If you invest in the complete
Business Planning Made Easy DIY Retreat and Online Consultancy Package

within 5 days of purchasing this Foundation Workshop we will refund 100% of the workshop cost ($147)!

Jump on in!

If you are serious about achieving your business goals and want to create greater alignment between your business and your life, take action now.

I’m ready to get started

First I need to complete my 1:2:1 strategy session

Sign me up for $147 US

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