Jan 24

Top 10 Women Building Profitable Lifestyle Businesses That Make a Difference

Welcome to the first post in our series featuring women from around the world who are kicking butt as entrepreneurs as well as making a BIG difference in the lives of others. In this series, we are feeling the love for women who are TRAILBLAZING in the fields of business and entrepreneurism and doing GOOD at the same time.

Our purpose is to inspire you. To show you that it is possible. To create a snowball effect of women entrepreneurs around the world building profitable lifestyle businesses that make a BIG difference.

As we have discovered online, and via the comments on last week's post introducing the series, there is a lot of doubt as to whether it really is possible to create a business that earns you lots of dosh AND enables you to have a life outside of work. And as if that alone isn't a big enough ask, we are upping the stakes even further by featuring women entrepreneurs who have turned their passion into profitable lifestyle business that makes a difference in the world too.

Here are the criteria we are using to identify our GOOD women entrepreneurs:

  • Business empowers the entrepreneur to do what they love AND have a life outside of work
  • Business model leverages time brilliantly (e.g. multiple income streams, outsourcing, passive income)
  • Funky website and brand that attracts an active community
  • Content-rich blog
  • Prominent free giveaway with great testimonials
  • Multiple streams of income including (but not limited to) a mix of books, ‘off the shelf’ signature products, information products, one-to-many programs, live events, membership programs.
  • Use a variety of internet-based tools including audio, video and social media
  • Committed to ethical and sustainable business practice

We realise that meeting ALL of these criteria may be a pretty big ask, but we're striking out on an adventure to see what we can find!

We're also aware of the perception that many of the women featured in these kinds of Top 10 lists are often coaches and marketers, so we are going to do our very best to get a great spread of entrepreneurs for you. This way, there is bound to be someone in there who will really resonate with your and your work. Our first Top 10 entrepreneur Kay Petal is an artist & craftswoman, for example, with a talent for making caricature felt figures, somewhat outside the box! (Click here to find out more about Kay).

And yes, our featured entrepreneurs will also be sharing some tips on how they have achieved so much, so that you can share in their wisdom and experience too.

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