Jul 08

Free your mind by recognising how YOU Make A Difference.

Want to FREE YOUR MIND this Friday?

Welcome to the 3rd installment of Free Your Mind Friday, where we focus cultivating a MAGIC mindset that is going to get us where we wanna be in life.

Last week’s post was about how to surround yourself with Superstars and this week its my turn (Jo!) to share some inspiration, exploring how making a difference can free up your mind to really enjoy being uniquely YOU!

What has making a difference got to do with mindset?

I am currently working with adventure company (called Full On NZ Ltd) on a leadership programme with American teenagers who are travelling throughout New Zealand. The purpose of the programme is to arm young people with tools and resources so they can step up their results and recognise their potential to Make A Difference in the world. What an amazing thing to be a part of!

My day involves meeting 30 – 40 teenagers, getting to know them, leading them through outdoor challenges, and teaching, living and breathing positive messages at the same time. We discuss a range of topics including

  • the power of the mind

  • the perspective we each choose to hold

  • our own ability to influence the results that show up for us

As  I have been delivering this year’s programme, I kept thinking how relevant it was for our Free Your Mind Friday series, hence this post!

How can making a difference transform your mindset?

Full On develops their programme each year based on feedback from students. The key development this year has been a new focus on Making a Difference – encouraging our young people to recognise that through every action we take, every decision we make, every thing that we do or do NOT do, we are always making a difference (for good or not so good) and if that’s the case, why not make it purposeful?!

The Full On message is:

By getting really clear on HOW you make a difference to the people around you, you can add a huge amount of purpose, focus and meaning into your life – and you can free up your mind to really enjoy being uniquely you!

What kind of impact are you having on the people around you?

I believe that it’s not only teenagers who need to hear this. As adults, it is easy to underestimate our talents and capabilities. We often forget that we are always having an impact on the people around us – our families, communities, clients, colleagues. In fact, everyone we come into contact with through our personal and work lives.

So for todays Free Your Mind Friday we challenge you to…..

Take 10 minutes NOW to stop and think about what you do to make a difference and how you can expand on this!

Ask yourself the following questions (think about both your work and personal life):

  • who do I have an impact on on a daily / weekly basis?

  • In what way do I impact on these people?

  • Given I am making a difference, could I make this even more positive than it already is?

  • Who or what else could I make a difference to?

  • What unique talents do I have that I could share (more of?)

The sense of satisfaction, purpose and meaning you will gain from being clear on HOW you make a difference, and to WHOM, will free up your mind this Friday so you can move into your weekend with a strong sense of who you are and how you contribute.

And please share your insights by commenting below or visiting our facebook page! Don’t be shy – we and all our readers would love to hear what you do to Make A Difference.

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