Feb 28

5 Steps to Discovering Your Business Sweet Spot!

Our research tells us that women entrepreneurs start out in business because they want to make a great living doing what they are good at. However, it seems that this on its own is no longer enough.

Women also want to make a difference and feel personally fulfilled, and they are increasingly acting as trailblazers in a shift toward social entrepreneurship and ethical business. 

Yes, that's right. Women like you everywhere are stepping up and contributing to a new business paradigm. One that values people, the planet AND profit. This is not always an easy path to strike out on (trailblazing never is right?)


Our research also tells us that despite the best of intentions, lots of women are struggling to get the balance quite right – too much work to do, too little time, not enough money; plenty of money but a lack of fulfillment, a struggle to have the impact or reach you desire – the list goes on.

The fact is, this is new ground we are breaking here and we are still discovering how we can do and have all that we deserve – how we can have a BIG impact doing what we love, and earn a great living out of it too. Finding that place where we can have it all was never going to be that easy right? Else we wouldn't appreciate it when we got there!

So how can we make it easier to find that sweet spot where you DO get the balance right?

Introducing the 'B" spot! (illustrated in the pic by the smiley face, or 'CEO FLOW'. What we've observed in our business coaching practice is that women entrepreneurs are seeking us out for one of the following reasons: 

  • they have a great idea or talent but lack the tools or strategy they need to translate it into a profitable business;
  • they have a business that is going ok, or possibly even doing really well in monetary terms, but they find themselves lacking the sense of the fulfillment and passion they once had for their work.

The problem is that these women haven't yet found their B-Spot… that magical place where profit, passion and purpose intersect to create a sense of fulfilment, as well as the income you deserve. AND (this is a big AND) you are not compromising on your health, family, or relationships to make it happen.

(And yes! The money matters…. you deserve to make a great living from doing what you love. Even if you want to set up a non profit or charity, you still need to have a good money mindset so you can be sustainable! You deserve a good income, you really do!)

If you are ready to discover YOUR sweet spot, we challenge you to get started now with these 5 steps to lifestyle business success!

Like many things in life, consciously deciding that you want to find your B-Spot is the first step towards making it happen – where you focus your attention you will produce your results.

  1. Decide that this is important and that you are committed to discovering that sweet spot where your purpose, passion and profit intersect.
  2. Clarify your Purpose (first for your life, THEN your business)
  3. Find out where the need is. What do your ideal clients want help with and what are they willing to pay for? (after all there's no point offering a solution that you LOVE but that no-one needs).
  4. Spend time thinking about how your passions fit with what you have discovered so far. How would you most love to solve the needs you have discovered?
  5. Get to work!

If you are serious about finding your B spot, then the time you take to put some conscious thought into this will be well worth the effort. 

And if you are seeking some inspiration from other women entrepreneurs who have discovered their 'B' spot,  we've got some for you right here on this blog! 

We have spent the past 2 years observing women who are successfully designing their businesses around their 'B' spot. Check out our Top 10 MAD women entrepreneurs blog series to get your fix of inspiration.You'll find some great business tips chucked in there as well.

And if you'd like to find out more about how you can make it happen for yourself, we've taken everything we know about building a profitable and fulfililling lifestyle business and packaged it up into a fantastic online eCourse.

Click out here to find out more about it!

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