Oct 18

Turn $100 into a $1000 scholarship and create your business dream!

How far can $100 go?

At a recent event our friend and mentor Natalie Sisson was handed $100 and `told to have fun with it, surprise someone or start something special'.

Nat believed that this $100 change could potentially change lives.

She set about starting a movement that not only offers a blueprint for creating change, but a framework of motivation, mentoring and a community to make things happen.

The result is $100 Change, and we think you need to know about it because it's a seriously cool project.

$100 Change is a program empowering you to start your dream project or business in 100 days for $100.

Natalie has pulled together 100 change makers from around the world, to share and impart their wisdom and advice over 100 days for $100. 

There's also a a chance to turn your $100 into $1000 in the form of a scholarship, with mentoring and coaching from some of the best out there.

This is a truly great initiative that is gathering huge momentum so we invite you to find out more by reading here or watching this video (and pay special attention to day 23 as it comes your way, it features yours truly!) 

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