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Apr 05

Achieve more, in less time, by optimising your left AND right brain

firebrainSalvatore Vuono

How to create more time and be more productive by waking up parts of your brain that have been lying dormant! For women entrepreneurs and business owners who are struggling with lack of time and feelings of overwhelm and seeking creative solutions

Feb 28

5 Steps to Discovering Your Business Sweet Spot!


Our research tells us that women entrepreneurs start out in business because they want to make a great living doing what they are good at. However, it seems that this on its own is no longer enough.

Women also want to make a difference and feel personally fulfilled, and they are increasingly acting as trailblazers […]

Feb 07

Success in small business: Why do you do what you do?


I read a very thought-provoking short story recently and it got me thinking about what we deem “success” to look like.
Clearly it's different for all of us, but I think it is all too easy to become caught up and driven by societal expectations of what “success” is, rather than really stopping to think about […]

Nov 15

Clay and Chardonnay XMAS PARTY: An Invitation to Wairarapa & Wellington Women in Business

clay and chard

Oct 31

How personal adventure impacts on business

Another in our series on bringing fun, adventure and creativity into your business..
We've shared a whole lot of simple tips in the past month as to how you can improve your business performance, boost your work life balance and manage stress by actively ensuring your business is  full of adventure, fun and creativity and have […]

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