Business Snapshot – Profit with Purpose Telesummit

1 – strongly disagree with the statement
2 – disagree
3 – you are neutral
4 – agree
5 – strongly agree.

Jot down the no. that fits best for you as you read through each statement.

* I love working at my business. If you have employees, they love working at your business too.
* I am hardly ever sick or have to stay home from work due to illness, and neither do my employees (if I have them)
* I am achieving good work/life balance – that is I have time for myself and for a personal life outside of the business.
* I excel at adapting to and implementing change in my business and so does my team.
* My business vision and strategy is clearly understood by everyone who works for my business
* My business inspires the very best in me and in my employees with respect to job performance
* My business attracts and retains the most talented people
* My business attracts and retains a steady stream of our ideal type of client
* Everyone in my business is clear about what is expected of him or her
* The people in my business communicates well with each other
* I am a leader in my business and I see me as someone who gives my employees a chance to grow
* Meetings at my business are highly productive
* As the leader of my business, I feel connected to and supported by a strong network of people in my business community
* I regularly take time to step ‘out’ of the business and focus on my big picture business vision and strategy.

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