Apr 14

Does Your Website Get You Clients?

Or does is just look pretty?!!!

Getting clients is often identified as the #1 barrier or obstacle that women face when starting or growing a small business.

To overcome this barrier one of the first things that many women do is to create a website with information about their product or service, in the hope that it will get them clients. Often, they spend thousands of dollars or hours and hours of their time on their website, creating something that looks fantastic, is wonderfully designed and full of lots of amazing information about them and their business. Then they sit back and wait in anticipation for the clients to start rolling in (I should know, I did this with my first website!).

Unfortunately for most women, they never get the visitors they had hoped for to their site and those that do visit don’t seem to turn into paying clients, despite the fact there is a great product or service on offer and the website looks fabulous! They may get a few bites here and there, but it never seems to be quite enough for them to sustain a profitable business and a great income.

Sound familiar?

The good news is that even if you have already created your website, there are still lots of steps you can take to start driving more visitors to your site and from there, convert them into paying clients.

Whether you are starting out or already established online, some of the  best business advice you will receive is to take some time out to re-assess your website and to research and plan your website strategy before you get started or make anymore changes -  and especially before you pay anyone else to do it for you!

Taking time out to come up with a clear online marketing strategy first is important because your website will be most effective if it is part of an overall online marketing strategy that integrates things like opt-in boxes and newsletters, ‘back-end’  systems (aka what is happening behind the scenes to make your life easier) and social media like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Does the thought of this make you feel overwhelmed?

If the answer is yes, then get help! This is what we have done and it has made a HUGE difference both to the success of our website and online marketing overall, and most importantly, to our stress levels. We are certainly not tech-heads so getting help felt like a huge weight was being lifted off our sholders! Any money you invest will be well worth it. If you are short of cash don’t let that stop you from making progress  – there are loads of free online resources that offer great tips on how to start getting more traffic and clients to your site.

Another great way to get started would be to sign up for our free Profit with Purpose telesummit, coming up in May. One of our expert speakers is social media and online marketing coach,  Jo Dodds. She will be sharing some great ideas on how to get started using social media and online marketing to build your business – and how to do it in an authentic and real way!

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