Nov 08

The Power of Purpose, Vision and Planning in Business Performance

I've been thinking, reading and hearing a lot about purpose lately for various reasons.

One is because Janine and I, through our work at Love Your Small Business, empower women entrepreneurs to really nail down their purpose, vision and plan for their business and personal lives, so we are always talking about purpose.

The other is because I am reading Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill (Janine wrote about this recently too) and one of Hill's key factors in success is having a clear purpose..

So I understand the power of having a purpose, and having a clear plan, and how much easier it is to get where you want to be if you have a crystal clear purpose and a plan.

But I had such a strong reminder of this last week I had to share.

Purposeful Furniture

I've recently moved into a new house and the furniture was falling into place nicely, but something was missing. Two weeks ago I had a flash of inspiration about exactly the piece of furniture I needed to fill that gap. I could clearly see what it looked like, size, colour, shape and even the price I would pay.

So I set out to find it… and after 30 minutes had found the exact piece I wanted at online auction. 4 days later, I went to pick up my new set of shelves, paid less than what I had expected to, and installed it in my house where it fits perfectly.

This whole process felt easy, was very un-stressful, and so it should be – after all it's just a piece of furniture. But I have learned from this experience.


The power of purpose, vision and planning

This seemingly insignificant task was completed easily and quickly, with great results for two reasons:

  1. I was so clear on my purpose and vision: I knew exactly what I wanted, I could visualise it, I had a great motivation, I believed I could do it. Clarity.

  2. I created a plan: I felt resourced and able to put my purpose into action. I knew the steps I needed to take, so I took them… !

Seems simple, but do we do it? I can certainly think of other areas in my life where I am slightly less clear on my purpose or my plan and this shows up for me when I don't get to where I want to be!

I have loads of determination to be very fit and healthy for example. But I don't have a clear purpose, I can't yet visualise exactly what it will look or feel like or how much it might cost, and therefore I don't yet have a plan for getting there. The current outcome is therefore that I am doing OK and am relatively fit but not ideal.


Purpose, Vision and Planning in Business

If you are striving to Love Your Small Business and you are not yet where you want to be, check in with your purpose, your vision and your plan.

We all start out in small business with great dreams and clear reasons why, but if this is never translated into a clear purpose, or an action plan, likely these dreams won't come true for you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you clear on your purpose? Why are you in this business?

  • Do you have a clear vision? What does success look like for you?

  • Do you truly believe that you can make this happen?

  • Do you have a plan? What steps are you taking right now to live out your purpose and vision?

Simple stuff, but easy to overlook.

And if you'd like help to uncover the purpose and vision behind your business, do get in touch by email (info@loveyoursmallbusiness.com) , or sign up for our newsletter as we have some exciting projects in the pipeline!

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  • Great reminder, Jo. We seem to always get really excited about our vision but forget to anchor it in purpose. This is so important in the biggest and smallest things in our life.

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