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The LYSB business planning journey

Early on in our journey we tried to write a business plan because we knew it was a vital to our success. We started off with a hiss and bang using free resources we found online from government small business ‘incubators’ but despite repeated attempts we never seemed to get it finished – it was always sidelined by something else and we were definitely avoiding going back to it even though we knew we really needed to do it!

Why were we stalling in our business planning process?

It took us a while to recognise that a huge barrier for us was that the process we were trying to use for our business planning (i.e traditional ‘how to write a business plan’ approaches) just wasn’t working for us. Like you, we are passionate, creative, energetic women who value our life energy – we just couldn’t bring ourselves to spend hours doing something we found boring and didn’t enjoy. And fair enough too we reckon!

We now believe that traditional models of business planning and strategizing don’t cater well for women in business.

We found that there were two key aspects regarding why these models didn’t suit us:

  • The process itself was very dry and didn’t allow for creativity and fun to be brought into the process. While we knew it was vital that we write a business plan, we were not interested in working in boring ways. Why confine ourselves to processes that sapped our energy; we wanted to feel inspired by our business planning not drained!
  • Conventional business planning and management approaches are grounded in the belief that work and personal life should be kept separate, a task impossible for most women today. This makes it very difficult for women to create and sustain a business that acknowledges their business ambition AND empowers them to bring about great relationships and a healthy and balanced lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.  Women need a business model that recognises they have a life outside of wor; that they have a partner, friends and family to think about and are not prepared to compromise on health and relationships to have a successful and profitable business. Women today want the best of both worlds; we think it is possible and that they deserve to have it!

So how can business planning be tailored to meet the needs of women in business?

Our response to this dilemma was to think outside the box and use our facilitation and training skills to create a business planning process particularly suited to women in business (why didn’t we think of it earlier!). We wanted something that worked well for us; something holistic that enabled us to recognise that we had lives and families outside of work and something that was creative, enjoyable and most importantly effective as a tool for starting and growing our business. In fact, once we got started we found that it came very naturally to us – if only we had known that we already had the skills we needed to make it happen!

We have chosen to create and finalise our business plan using a holistic approach particularly suited to women entrepreneurs and business owners. Working this way has really kick-started things for us and we now revisit our process and our plan on a regular basis because we are really excited about the direction it is taking us AND we enjoy the process (it is no longer a chore!)

We’d love for business planning to be the same for you.

After considerable research and a bit of trial and error, we took the process we have been using and created a “Business Planning Made Easy” DIY Retreat that is versatile, flexible and transformational for women entrepreneurs and small business owners. It can be completed online or offline, where-ever and whenever you choose. This approach uses creative, playful and holistic tools and exercises that help you create a clear vision and success strategy for your business in an enjoyable and highly productive way. The focus is on healthy and sustainable ways of working that are also effective; you can even pack your DIY Retreat into your suitcase and head away to your favourite ‘getaway’ spot to complete your planning – what more could you want!

It is possible for business planning to be enjoyable as well as productive!

Whether you choose to use our DIY Business Retreat or take your own path, think outside the square and discover ways to plan your business that relieve stress rather than increase it. Look for tools that empower you to bring all aspects of yourself to the planning process – personal and professional – because the reality is that for women in business the two are intertwined and to be successful in one you must pay attention and care for the other!

You do not have to sacrifice your health and relationships to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur. Take action now and plan for your success in business and in life.


If you recognise that your business will benefit from big-picture planning and strategising, our DIY Retreat will show you how you can do it in an enjoyable and stress free manner. NO MORE BORING BUSINESS PLANS!

Step 1: Apply for our FREE Exploratory Session

If you are ready to start turning your business ideas and dreams into reality, we invite you to apply for one of our free 1:2:1 ‘Business Breakthrough’ Strategy sessions. All you have to do to apply is complete a short online preparation workshop and you will receive instructions for setting up a time for your 1:2:1 chat with us via via skype or by phone. It’s FREE so you have nothing to lose!

Step 2: Attend your 1:2:1 Session

In the session you will get the opportunity to experience the LoveYourSmallBusiness approach to business planning and coaching; and you will learn some new management tools that you can apply to your business. At the end of the session we will tell you a bit more about our ‘Business Planning Made Easy’  DIY Retreat – at absolutely no obligation of course!

Step 3: Take a LEAP and invest in your business!

If you enjoy the 1:2:1 session and can see that it will really benefit your business to take things further with us, sign up for our Business Planning Made Easy DIY Retreat and start planning your retreat

Apply for your 1:2:1 Strategy Session Now

We are excited to be a part of your business journey and can’t wait to chat!

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