May 14

We had a fantastic product but struggled to sell it. Here’s why…


A year ago we were in a completely different position from where we are now.

We knew we had something great to offer the world, and we knew that we had designed a couple of fantastic products. 


But we couldn't sell them.

Despite all the great feedback we'd been getting, we just couldn't seem to sell anything.  Talk about despair! After a year of growing our community, learning how to market ourselves and utilising social media, we STILL couldn't make any money. What made it even worse was that we knew in our hearts we had a really fantastic product on our hands. 

Why weren't people buying?    


Here it is plain and simple. 

We didn't know how to launch our products properly.     

We knew lots about sales and marketing generally, but we didn't realise that a successful product launch is another ball game altogether.  8 months (or so!) later this is where we are at:

  • we have successfully launched our 10 week ecourse and DIY starter pack and made lots of sales (oh the relief!)
  • we are getting rave reviews and testimonials about both products
  • we have a waiting list for the next round of our eCourse 
  • we've experienced big growth in our tribe, with hundreds of new women joining our list and social media networks. 
  • we are attracting great new partners who are shouting out about our work
  • we have a 'cheerleading' squad of women supporting us in our Mastermind group and giving us great feedback & advice 
  • we have a clear strategy for building on our current momentum and doubling our income in the next year.

To put it bluntly, we are on a serious roll!

How did we do it? We joined WE Mastermind last year. 
That's it. It was what we needed so we did it. And yes, it was an investment and yes, it was challenging to take the LEAP at the time and spend the money. But now we can't imagine how things would have been if we hadn't. 

We really believe in WE Mastermind and the two young women who created it, which is why we've are shouting about this webinar they are hosting on Thursday May 17.    

If you are struggling to sell your product or service and failing to make the money you deserve, you MUST join us (and the two Natalies!). 

Click here to find out more and register     


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