Dec 20

Christmas Parties

With only 6 days till Christmas, it all seems to be about  Christmas Parties, secret santa, flowing bubbles, and carol singing!

As a small company with a grand total of 2 employees, LYSB didn't have a Christmas Party as such, but we did get together last week to tie up our year and to look ahead to 2011. As usual, it was all very informal, with lots of family around, 4 month old Bella very involved in our discussions, and lots of our work taking place over delicious meals, or surrounded either by nature or a mess of coloured markers and visual depictions of what we were talking about. We definitely achieved what we set out to do within our 6 hour working day – the first part of which was to celebrate and acknowledge our achievements of 2010. Although we still haven't reached some of the targets we set ourselves, once we focused in on what we HAD achieved and started sharing our highlights, we couldn't stop them rolling off our tongues. And it felt great to be able to recognise that amid our chaos of to-do lists and targets, we have made such progress in 2010. All of which lead nicely to strategising for 2011… we were bursting with ideas for how we can let more people know about what we do, and it was all a bit overwhelming at first, but we managed to focus in on a couple of key ideas and have gone our separate ways with clear tasks and huge excitement about the next few months in the life of LYSB. So – thank you for your support, we look forward to working with you in 2011 and in the meantime would love your feedback and ideas on how we can help you to boost your profits, grow your business, and really create alignment between your business and your life. Oh – and we decided to forgo Secret Santa for this year. Partly because we are both keen to be reducing our level of consumerism, but mainly cos the secret element wouldn't really have been there!

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