Apr 13

Will your business success actually be good for you?

Its fair to assume that all women who kick off their entrepreneurial journey are aiming for business success. However many haven't taken the time to consider how this success will impact on their 'other life' and as a result, many are compromising far more than intended

Where is your business taking you?

I recently read a comment from a friend who owns an amazing business that appears to be rocketing forward… she has new shops popping up all over the place and is receiving rave reviews about her products.

But amid all this success, she voiced a concern: “i miss adventures. i pray everyday that being a business owner doesn't take away my ability to be where i feel the most alive…”

I could almost hear the feeling of being torn coming through her words… that tension between where the business is heading, and what that might mean for her personal life and her ability to have adventures outside of entrepreneurship…..


And I'm sure she's not alone. Many women start out with a business dream and when that dream takes off, life can get put on hold. And fair enough too, after all you wouldn't want to hinder your business growth while the momentum is building.

But how much are you prepared to compromise?

Why does business success often mean putting life on hold?

So many women entrepreneurs launch into the “doing” of their business because they are super excited to get out there with their idea, skill or product, and don't first look at how they will manage success or how success might impact on their life and family. After pouring in loads of energy, passion and skill business is booming and once on the treadmill of delivering, marketing, networking, business planning and making it all happen, life is put on hold.

Why is this happening?

Because these amazing women haven't first stopped to look at WHY they are in business in the first place, and HOW they would like business success to fit alongside the rest of their life.

If the foundation for your business is grounded only in where you want things to go with your business, of course 'other life' is going to be pushed to the side.

How CAN you make sure that business success doesn't mean giving up on your dreams for the other aspects of your life?

With planning! And we don't just mean traditional business planning or strategy, as these models often fail to acknowledge your life outside of work. We mean planning that first has you consider what is most important to YOU as a person, your values, goals and dreams, and takes all this into account as you craft your business strategy.

That way, even as business booms and you grow your work in the world, your life is not put on hold, your relationships, health and balance don't take a back seat, and you can combine business success with a happy life that lets you follow your heart and dreams outside of work.

The point is, if you don't plan from the outset how business success can tie in with the rest of your life, it won't. Either your business won't bring in the level of profit and fulfillment you deserve, or your life will be put on hold while your biz flourishes.

Will your business success actually be good for you? Have you laid the right foundations for your business success?

What do you think?

  • Have your business plans taken into account your personal goals outside of work?
  • When you business booms, will you still have the ability to play, adventure and have the kinds of relationships you want to have?
  • Are the foundations you have laid for your business going to build the life that you truly want?

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