Jul 13

Do you shrink at the thought of writing yet another sales page that doesn’t sell?

Many of you have told us that you hate writing sales pages. You know that you need to have a sales page to effectively market yourself and your business, but you hate writing them right?

The process is time-consuming, the end-result never reflects 'you' and  the wonderful product or service you offer, or it feels 'salesy' and inauthentic.

On top of all that, it isn't selling anything! 

Sound familiar?

We've been through this too, so we know how it feels. All that hard grind building your business and doing the best to provide a great service for your customers, and you can't make sales.  

That's why we've decided to do something about it.

On Thursday 19th of July we are hosting a free training webinar with copywriting expert Amy Harrison. We first discovered Amy a year ago and we have been blown away by the quality of her resources. Most importantly, Amy has created a fantastic step-by-step process that make's it easy for DIY entrepreneurs to write authentic sales pages that sell. We've found it incredibly useful and we think you will too.

These days, we find the process of writing a sales page fun and creative (yes, we do!) Like you, we used to DREAD writing sales pages, but since discovering Amy we've started to enjoy the process and we have become far better at it too (and faster). Of course we still have our pet hates. Mine is editing, I like coming up with the ideas and writing the draft, then I lose interest completely! But overall, the entire process has become a lot more achievable and enjoyable.   

Of course, having a fantastic sales page isn't the only thing you need to do to get clients, it's just one piece of an effective marketing strategy. You've got to get people to your sales page first right? But even so, your sales page is a crucial part of the process, especially when it comes to converting visitors into paying customers.

It is possible to find DELIGHT in writing a sales page and you can do it too, honestly! 

This webinar has now ended, but there are a couple of ways you can still act!

  • register for our community here (it's free) and you'll be the first to hear when we run future webinars

  • feel great about writing your next sales page by tapping into one of Amy's resources – Get Your Sales Page Done. We own a copy of this resources so can speak first hand about how it's transformed our sales page writing process. In addition, many listeners bought their own copy after the webinar and are already underway and loving it! So check out what's on offer here

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