Dec 11

The week before Christmas… chaos or calm?

Our intention with Love Your Small Business has always been that our work supports time with family, opportunities for adventures and the chance to live healthy, balanced lives (as opposed to taking over every waking minute of our lives).

However this time last year we worked right up till Christmas and were left wondering where we had gone wrong as we launched into our family Christmases feeling tired, stressed, and not having had time to really enjoy that special time to celebrate family and summer.

Well we're not going to let that happen again, and this year we have decided that on Friday December 14th we will turn off our computers and pack away our work, giving us more than a week to unwind, spend with family, and really enjoy a 3-week break (so we have energy to cause some chaos!).

It can be tricky to prioritise family and holidays, especially in the early years of business when things are still getting off the ground, but we know that January is going to be a busy month for us (an exciting new programme is already in motion) so it's crucial for us to have time completely away from technology and to stop having our heads buried in the business, so we can come back fresh and rearing to go.

What about you?

We invite you to set your own STOP WORK DATE now and leave a comment below or come and share it on our Facebook page. This is your chance to commit to it publicly! This date should be early enough to give you the time and energy you need to get through the crazy xmas period with less stress and more fun! 

Wishing you a relaxed, safe and happy Holiday Season

Janine and Jo 

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