Jul 30

Treats Tuesday is here!

We know that you love freebies and deals that help you accelerate your business success (who wouldn't!) so we are very excited to announce the introduction of Treats Tuesday.  

Once a month on a Tuesday we will be offering a very special giveaway to our newsletter subscribers only. 

We're kicking things off with a fantastic giveway valued at over $100

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see your words on the page in an ebook?  Or perhaps you've had an ebook idea for a zillion years, but don't know where to start?

Unfortunately procrastination and self-doubt around writing can eat you up and paralyse you from getting your words on the page.   

This month's Tuesday Treat giveaway from Kris Emery makes it it easy and fun to bring your ebook to life without the agony of putting pen to paper yourself.

Five lucky winners will receive a free Ebook "Discovery" session from talented writer Kris Emery this month. During the session, you'll learn to record your own natural intuitive speech and Kris will write and edit a slice of your ebook content from that (how cool is that?!)  

To be eligible for Treats Tuesday goodies you need to be a newsletter subscriber. It's simple to join and you'll also get access to great advice and tips for business success. Our tribe of subscribers is growing quickly and our unsubscribe rates are low, so we must be doing something right.

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  • As an Interior Designer, tile designer and founder of an artisan tile company, I know what can make the most impact and impart the most bang-for-your-buck within a space.

    My upcoming ebook is going to feature tricks of the trade that I’ve learned over the last 15 years and real examples of how to combine specialty/custom tile with less expensive tile to create a high-end, designer look every time.

    Thank you for this great opportunity with Kris Emery. I know my words are in good hands!!

    ** Thanks also for the Pug pic above. It puts a smile on my face as I look down at my 10-year old Pug at my feet and remember her long-time Pug companion who left us last month. Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment your idea sounds fab and I love the fact you have your very own pug!

    • Excellent! My brother is an interior designer. From him, I know design can be really hard to articulate, so I really admire creatives embracing the ebook. Nice idea, Lisa!

  • Patrick

    My idea for a fun & inspirational eBook is about Baby Boomers falling back in love with cycling…
    and that they do not have to be intimidated by the pro wanna bees.

    I know my words are in good hands.

  • Janice Mckay

    My words are in good hands with Kris! My ebook will be to help retail street stores win back customers that bulk retail and online retail have taken away. These street stores are our communities and what makes our towns unique and interesting. Its sad to see them struggling. I want to help them realise their full potential with my practical how-to ebook. Ill share all my tips from staff training to the art of merchandising.

  • Brilliant ideas. I love the variety coming through! So here’s a question… who’s started actually writing something yet?

    • I’ve started writing. I have my table of contents, most of the recipes plus an outline for all pages.

      I’m focusing on another offering first but want to work on this again soon

  • Here’s my ebook idea: Just imagine throwing a fantastic dinner party that not only tastes amazing and impresses your friends but that also is absolutely stress free, in fact the whole process is fun and easy from start to finish.
    My ebook goes beyond recipes and also includes shopping lists, prep that can be done before the day, an on the night checklist and music/table decoration ideas

    Your dinner party is in good hands with me and my words are in good hands with Kris!

  • im already on the list. does that mean I’m already in on the giveaway?

    i would like to do an ebook/ecourse for holistics/healers who have a passionate do-good mission but need help to Shine On and leverage technology to do so. I will offer branding/marketing help/coaching + technical knowledge on how to build a wordpress website from scratch.

  • And we have 5! Congratulations to Patrick, Janice, Djanira, Janet and Lisa!

    You’ll all be treated to a discovery session with me to kickstart your ebook. All you have to do is wait for an email from me at the start of next week and schedule your slot.

    Looking forward to exploring all your fantastically diverse ideas. Have a great weekend!

  • Hi all, if you haven’t heard from me yet it’s because… I haven’t been able to track you down! Please email me on kris.emery@kxecommunications.com so I have your email address and we’ll get things moving!

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