Jan 09

Starting the new year in style… did you? (It’s not too late!)

In the week since I’ve been back in computer-land after a wonderful holiday, I’ve seen countless blog entries and facebook posts about New Years Resolutions, Intentions, Goals and Plans… all of which are truly great. I believe the point of all these is to do SOMETHING to start off a new year in style.

So we'd love to share a little of what we did to kick things off and also to hear what you did. We have taken the time (not a huge amount) to do not one but two things – both really simple and both have had a massive impact on our mindset and intentions for the coming year (and as a result I’m oober excited about what this year, even the next few months, will bring!)

First off – we celebrated!


If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know how important we believe it is to CELEBRATE! It’s too easy to keep on truckin’ on, focusing on what is still left to achieve and ever striding towards your goals and that’s all good.

But without ever pausing to acknowledge just how far you’ve already come, it can be tricky to keep up the level of energy and motivation you need. We all need that booster that comes from celebrating success and often, stopping to pat yourself on the back will provide an “a-ha” moment as you realise how competent you really are and what you are truly capable of.

We started our first meeting of 2013 by celebrating what we’ve achieved in the past couple of months which included such hits as:

  • finally taking the plunge and narrowing our niche, and the results are already flowing (more to come in the coming months on that one)
  • Finally (after more than a year of talking about it) we fare outsourcing and the impact is beyond what we thought. We found a wonderful and competent VA who as I write this is providing us with support and taking care of so many tasks, doing them better and faster than we ever did!
  • taking a solid three weeks holiday and feeling amazing for it
  • finally having success creating video (you’ll have a chance to watch and laugh soon) – and we actually enjoyed the process, free of stress!
  • developing some very strong relationships with leaders in our field which is exciting not only for the potential these hold but also because it’s so great to collaborate
  • the way we’ve been working together in our business partnership – we work remotely most of the time and have developed some fabulous habits and processes which keep us grounded and well connected while having space to work independently
  • managing our personal health and balance through loads of change!. Like most of you we both have so much going on in our lives, and have established our business to support our personal lives. We cheer each other on (and hold each other accountable) for our personal health and wellbeing goals
  • 2012 saw some fabulous opportunities for speaking live and connecting locally with wonderful women, and 2013 promises more which we are stoked about

Woo hoo we feel great having taken literally 5 minutes to brainstorm this list, and it’s such a buzzy way to leap into making plans for 2013.


And second? We got creative in our planning

Again – know us and you'll know that taking the time to plan and strategies for success is at the heart of what we do here at LYSB. So we're pretty well resourced to do these kinds of things… but when we came across Leonie Dawsons Create Your Incredible Life and Business Planners  late last year we couldn’t resist taking a look and we have not been disappointed!

These creative and colourful workbooks ask just the right questions to spark some juicy thinking and and even less than half way through, some of the plans that Jo has made are already showing up.

The thing I’m loving about these workbooks is there’s no feeling of pressure to complete the whole thing so I’ve dipped in and out, filling in the bits I feel most drawn to, and it’s wonderful.

If you’d like to take a look and fancy a bit of creative colourful juicy question answering for yourself, then take a peek here.

And you? How did you kick off 2013?

We’d love to hear what it is that you did or are doing to set yourself up for a 2013 that rocks your world so please do share.

And if you did some celebrating and feel like sharing so we can help you celebrate, then either leave a comment below or come and share them with us here on facebook so we can celebrate with you.

Here's to a magnificent 2013 – we can't wait to share it with you x

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