Oct 09

Do you (or anyone else) read blogs on a Sunday?

I've been coming up with all kinds of ideas for blogs, and some appeal more than others – whether it's because I am more passionate about them, I feel they would be more useful for our readers, or they just seem stronger.

Whatever the case, I noticed I was feeling hesitant to use one of these 'strong' blog posts for a Sunday, based on the assumption that less people will be reading blogs on a Sunday and therefore it will get less exposure… and it will be a WASTE!!!

But then as part of this 31 day blog challenge, I need to post a blog every day, even on Sundays…. so what is best for business?

Do you read blogs on a Sunday?

I thought I would see what you think:

  • Do you personally read more or less blogs on a Sunday as compared with other days of the week

  • Do you notice less traffic to your site on a Sunday (we definitely have less weekend traffic)

  • Are you reading this?!? (and if so, is it Sunday?)

A light-hearted topic but I really am curious to know so would love to hear your opinion 🙂



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  • I read posts any day I have time (including Sundays – like today) I don’t usually post at weekends (except for while doing challenges) and my traffic is ‘usually’ a bit lower at weekends but Saturday is usually worse than Sunday – I think people are more likely to be ‘out’ doing family stuff on Saturdays and home doing family stuff/relaxing and therefore (for some) reading blogs on Sundays – so if you need to skip a day I think its better to post Sunday rather than Saturday…

    • Thanks for your comment Sharon – interesting to hear your thoughts! I definitely notice a drop in site visitors on weekends and you are right, Saturday is always the lowest number! I guess the flip side though is that if you write a post on a Sunday, people will always find it when they visit your site later in the week!

  • Kris

    Hi Jo, i totally feel the same way. to the point that i’m trying to line up guest bloggers for the weekend, as i found Saturday’s post didn’t get many views either.

  • I noticed a dip in weekend traffic the first 2 months, but now I sometimes have weekends that are stronger than traffic during the week. Maybe it’s because my autoresponder is set to go out on Fridays, and I know some people who catch up on my main site only on the weekends. I’m going to start taking Sundays off in general, though, and only logged in today to post the link to my other blog. I’ve written up through the 17th at this point. If you don’t think it’s good for your business then don’t post. I’d use the challenge as a platform to experiment.

    As for me, I have 3 main blogs and I’m sure I’ll get my 31 posts in. One blog I do pretty much daily. One is Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And one (my business site) is Fridays only. While I post all 3 at UBC, I do NOT worry about updating all 3 every day!

  • I read as many blogs on Sunday as any other day. But, I do appreciate the lighter versions for each blog, keeping to the theme of the blog, just a little more fun!

    • ooh thats a great suggestion Beth – the SUnday version!

  • Marian

    I have noticed that I get fewer comments on Sundays than on other days which surprises me because I would have thought that the weekends would be the times that people comment as they have more free time, but nope… Go figure!

  • Editingscribe27

    I tend to read blogs any time I have time, but I definitely spend a little more time on a Sunday afternoon reading blogs than any other day of the week.

  • If it is a quiet Sunday (meaning not many social engagements) I tend to read more. It is a chance to catch up without clients or classes getting in the way. I find I actually enjoy meandering around the blogosphere on Sundays. Visiting from UBC!

  • Innfo

    I read on Sundays. You will find weekend readers may be a different audience than weekday readers., Don’t neglect them.
    Besides, people find your posts doing searches so they don’t necessarily find your posts on the day you post them–not at all.

    • Great point here that the visitors that come on weekends may well be a different audience from weekday visitors… different lifestyle, different needs, different opinion perhaps! Thanks for the reminder. Jo

  • On Sundays I have a specialty post – Civil War – and I find that I am getting traffic. I also have more time to read blogs on a Sunday because I work full time (I am not self employed) during the week – and I have things to do when I get home.
    Yes, I am commenting on a Sunday.
    I’ve also found (like others have commented) that my Sunday posts don’t necessarily get read on Sunday.

  • Anonymous

    1) My blog is personal, but I get more traffic on weekends than during the week. It probably has to do with what I post. 🙂
    2) Sunday is the only time I have a block of time dedicated JUST to reading and commenting on blogs. 🙂 Being that I work outside the home for the local University, I cannot be on much during the day, during the week and the rest of the week I have to balance family and internet time. 🙂

  • Kris

    Jo I actually get an email from one company, which details their “weekend blog” and prompts me to visit it – whether it’s then or later. often it sits in my mail folder for a few days before I do visit the site.

  • katrina hutchesson

    Gotta remember time zone differences too….do you have lots of readers in different countries as that makes a difference as to what day it is there…when I’m working full time quite often Sunday is the day that I sit down and read a lot of blogs anyway…it’s relaxing for me….not so much now as I’m not working so I read stuff any day of the week…..if it’s business related posts I would be the sort who would only post them during the week but anything else…go for it

  • I find that Sunday is a very responsive day to blog posts and I also like to read post on a Sunday as it then feels relaxing. I find that Saturday is the day where little happens in blog world. I guess it depends also on the topics of our blogs.

  • I’ve loved reading everyone’s comments and have come out of this with two key factors that I suggest influence blog readership:
    * timezone – seems simple but of course it’s true that the time zone of your reader will have a huge impact
    * audience – is your reader there for personal or business purposes? Perhaps business blog topics are more widely read on weekdays and “personal” blogs may have more readership on weekends?

    Jo 😉

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