Sep 13

Online File Sharing for Small Business: Dropbox


Toolkit Tuesday rolls around again!

Last week we pointed you towards Aweber – an email management system that makes it easy to keep track of and keep in touch with your clients.

This weeks tool is not particularly exciting, flashy or 'sexy' but is VERY useful! Dropbox is an online file-sharing system. Their motto is “simplify your life” and its true!

Since the beginning of our business journey, Janine and I have spent 99% of our time working from different cities in New Zealand. One consequence of this is that we need a system for storing and sharing all the files we are working on.

Before we even knew we needed such a system, a contemporary recommended Dropbox – and we haven't looked back. There are many similar systems, and I'm sure they each have their pros and cons… but for now we'll focus on Dropbox.

Dropbox is an online file sharing system perfect for small businesses.

The benefits of dropbox:

  • Its easy to use and the file structure is easy to follow
  • You can access your files from anywhere in the world
  • the system makes it super easy to share files and folders with any else
  • dropbox will automatically update files that others have used as soon as you connect to the internet
  • you can use dropbox even when you are offline
  • In addition, dropbox is a back up system so your hard work is safe

There are also multiple features that are way over my head (at this stage)… including mobile apps. If you are an expert in these, feel free to comment below and enlighten me and our readers on the ins and outs!

And the cost factor? With Dropbox you get certain level of storage for free. We recently upgraded to a pay monthly scheme to receive more storage space and feel this is a valuable resource to pay for. However there are other (free) alternatives like Google Docs without limits.

So if you are in need of a better system for sharing your files, or for secure back up and storage, check out Dropbox…. and if you have used another system, I'd love to hear your comments and recommendations!

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  • I love dropbox and use it all the time – great for backing up my WP blog as well as for file sharing. Recently discovered http://letscrate.com/ – super simple file sharing and am loving that too – especially for using with folk that don’t want to set up a dropbox account!

    • Ooh thanks Meg for sharing letscrate – I’ll check it out. Jo

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