Aug 29

Online Business School is Launched… end 2012 with a kick ass strategy!

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the next opening of our Online Business School and we are excited to announce that registrations are now open! 

Get started building a rock-solid strategy for your biz now!

This 12- week programme is specifically for women entrepreneurs like YOU, who not only want to achieve financial freedom with your business, but who also want the ability to live the life you want: have time with family, be healthy and balanced, and make a difference.

Do you want focus, direction and confidence in where you are headed? 

Our biz school will help you implement our Golden Rule and 7 Building Blocks into your business, AND we'll ensure you don't trip over the same barriers we've seen other women entrepreneurs run into.

One of our recent graduates, Joanne, said

"I definitely achieved what I wanted to on biz school. When I finished, I felt I had real focus and direction as to where to go with my business now. I'm a lot more motivated, feel more comfortable and know how I am going to get there!"


Find our more here
Online Business School

Sign ups are rolling in so we invite you to check out what's on offer and reserve your spot! 

Why not take a quick peek at how we can help you end 2012 with a Rock Solid Success Strategy.

Can you afford not to?

Find out more by clicking here

Join us and end 2012 with a rock solid strategy for your success in business and in life!

And do feel free to share this with other women you know who are seeking a business that provides financial freedom, fulfillment and a healthy, balanced life!

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