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Do you hate writing sales pages and know you’re not doing a good job of them?

You know that writing sales pages is a crucial part of your business, but the thought of writing another sales page that goes on and on is enough to have you procrastinate on it for weeks, and when you finally do get around to it, the end result is messy, doesn't do your offer justice and feels pushy and inauthentic.

You KNOW that these sales pages are not going to sell and you don’t feel good about putting them out there.

Even more frustrating is that you know your product or services is truly great, you have some fabulous testimonials and you know you could be helping even more people to overcome their challenges but your sales pages are simply not enticing your readers to hit that “buy now” button.

Like many of you we used to feel completely lost when it came to writing sales pages at all, let alone enjoying it – but we were lucky enough to stumble upon some information that really stepped things up for us.

Your sales pages don't do you justice

The problem is that despite having a whole lot of value to offer to your potential clients, your sales pages just don't do the job for you, and rather than inspiring your tribe to hit that BUY button, they turn people away.

When you do manage to drive traffic to your sales copy, your genuine authenticity isn't there and readers are left feeling like they've been “sold to” rather than understood, valued and inspired!

This occurs because you aren't crystal clear on WHO you are trying to sell to, or what you are selling them!

Countless online entrepreneurs make the mistake of writing sales pages and trying to sell BEFORE they become clear on exactly what they are offering, and the specific group of people they are trying to help – and if you aren't clear on these basics, how will your potential buyers ever be inspired to buy from you?


The solution? 3 steps to your clients saying “yes”


We used to make these common mistakes too and our sales results reflected that. Fortunately, we recently came across Amy Harrison – an expert in copywriting who makes a point of helping her tribe to write authentic sales pages that not only feel GREAT for the writer, but actually speak to the customer and generate sales.

We started with her free resources, upgraded to her paid for books and templates and now not only do we love writing our sales pages, but we actually feel authentic and genuine in our words AND we make sales from them!

Amy is clearly an expert in helping personality entrepreneurs who care about being authentic and true to themselves to write sales pages, and we recently interviewed Amy to pick her brains. We came away with some key learnings and we are super excited to share these with you so you can benefit too!

Check out this 3 step process that Amy shared to help you write authentic sales pages that sell.

Step 1: Your product

Many sales pages are full of benefits, fancy words and emotions that the potential customer will feel, but go so far down this track that they don't actually describe what the product or service on offer actually IS.

Clearly state not just what your product does, but what it IS. Make sure your potential clients are crystal clear from reading your sales page what you are offering, who it is for and how it is delivered – and this will go a long way towards you making sales.

Step 2: Your customer


Who are they? Go beyond the usual "what kind of car do they drive" and get into the head of your IDEAL customer.Picture someone who is already keen to invest in what you offer and start to understand WHY they want your services, what they most want to achieve and how you can really appeal to their values. Then write to them as though you are having a face-to-face conversation.



Step 3: Benefits vs Features

"It's not just goo in a tube"! Learn about the distinction between these two sales page feature so that you can effectively speak to BOTH of them in your sales page. What are the benefits your product offers, and what are the features that are included? Do you fully understand the difference? On the webinar Amy shares some great examples to help you get clear on this and shows you how to include them in your sales copy.  

Making it happen: Get to know your product and your clients.

Set aside time this week to work through these three steps and get to know your product, your ideal customer, and your offer. It's not rocket science but you can see how this will work. The more clarity you have on these three steps, the more clearly and authentically you will convey this to your reader and voila – there you have a sales page that will sell.

Do you like what you read? Take the next steps and grabbing your template

Amy Harrison has helped countless entrepreneurs to craft compelling sales pages that do their job and we know first hand how great her resources are.

She actually has a fourth step to sales page success:

Step 4: Simple Sales Page Structure

Amy's final step is to pull all this together in a simple structure (it's a template really) that you can piece together to compose your winning sales page in an authentic way. A sales page that says what you need to say and leaves your potential buyer feeling that they really DO want to buy!

On our webinar, Amy shared this sales page structure and it's simple but it works! We would love for you to access this structure, plus have access to all her templates and workbooks so you can "Get Your Sale Page Done" product. Amy has a specific focus not just on sharing information but also on helping you apply it to your work, so this is one resource you can use again and again and experience immediate results (we know because we've used it ourselves and it's made a HUGE impact on our writing). 

Find out more or sign up to gain permanent access to all her wonderful resources and templates here.


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  • Prerna@Social Media Direct

    Excellent post! Love how easily it’s been broken down into steps to create a kick-butt sales page. Thanks!

    • You are welcome Prerna, thanks for taking the time to read Jo’s post.

      Amy’s content is always brilliant and this is a great summary of what we covered on our recent webinar with her!

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