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Hey everyone, we are Janine Ogg and Jo Foster and we bid you a warm welcome to our website and to our community of women entrepreneurs!

We are intrepid kiwi business women with a passion for combining fun, adventure and 'Profit with Purpose'. We empower women to achieve financial freedom AND make a difference in the world and we are deeply, madly passionate about what we do!  We are great friends as well as business partners and we are totally committed to LOVING our work – surely life is too short for anything else! 

Our Business Mission

We set up our biz in 2010 in response to the increasing numbers of women around the world with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to forge their own path in small business. After considerable time reflecting on the difference that we wanted to make in the world, we crafted our mission statement….drum roll please!

LYSB exists to empower women entrepreneurs everywhere to unleash purpose, creativity and wealth into their lives and businesses.

We bring about our Mission through the programs and products we create and the free info we share here on our blog.

By helping women discover what it is they really want out of their life and business, we empower them to create a strategy that is truly aligned with who they are. When combined with the savvy marketing and biz tools we also provide (along with our key partners and guest experts) this is a powerful recipe for business and life success.

The result we want?

  • Women everywhere successfully creating the lifestyle business of their dreams.
  • Women everywhere doing what they are passionate about.
  • Women everywhere finding financial freedom.
  • Women everywhere making a BIG difference in the world through business.

Sounds pretty good huh?

The Birth of Our Work Together!



So how did all of this come about?

It's a long story so the short version is that we worked together as managers and trainers in the youth and leadership development industry for several years  (that's us engaging in some serious team building in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds a few years back).

Then in 2009 we were lucky enough to work on a project together in Italy and it was there that we were inspired to act on our obvious compatibility and complementary strengths to come up with some projects of our own. We soon began working on a shared business vision, the result of which is Love Your Small Business.

What makes us tick?

  • We LOVE adventure and the outdoors and we are passionate about bring these things into our work (yes, even in our online programs!).
  • We do our utmost to bring creativity and fun into what we do
  • We are committed to honest relationships with our clients and other business stakeholders.
  • We are passionate about working with conscious business women who want to make a difference.
  • Our approach aligns personal values and purpose with a clear strategy for business success.
  • We don't claim to know more than you about your business. We honour and acknowledge that you are the experts in your business and we trust that you have the wisdom and experience to create your own solutions. We simply provide you with the tools and resources you need to take your business and life to the next level!
  • We are committed to 'walking our talk' and have used the content of our LYSB programmes to guide our own business development, with great results. We use most of the  tools that we pass on to you ourselves, so we understand what you are going through!

To find out more about our backgrounds and qualifications simply scroll down the page. 

On a mission to climb 9 peaks in 18 hours in Wales for Jo's 30th birthday. What a fantastic adventure - our first experience of night tramping and a full moon to boot!


This is us on a mission to climb 9 peaks in 18 hours in Wales for Jo's 30th birthday.  

Our first experience of night tramping and a full moon to boot!

(that's Jo on the left and Janine on the right, clinging on for dear life)

About Janine

I started up a consultancy business in 2008 but I quickly realised – like many women who strike out on their own – that although I was an expert in certain areas of my business there were some areas where I has some serious gaps!

I also realised that I LOVE working as part of team and did not want to be a solo-entrepreneur. So things went on hold for a while and I have re-emerged two years later with a new business (LYSB), a fabulous new business partner, another year's worth of travel around the world and a beautiful baby girl under my belt!

My passion for our business is driven by my desire to create social change through entrepreneurism.

Working with women is a massive part of that because I strongly believe that women have a huge impact – when you empower women, you also effect the health and wellbeing of our children, families and communities in a positive way. For me, that is what it is all about.

Over the last couple of years I have spend some serious time and money educating myself about the areas of business that I didn't fully understand (or taking good advice from the experts who do!). I'm super excited about combining all this new learning with my previous experience as a manager and leader in our work here at LYSB.

I spend most of my time these days hanging out with my partner Sam and baby Bella in the lower North Island of New Zealand. Sam is a ceramic artist and sculptor who works from home at Dirty Fingers Pottery.

What I Bring to the Party

An alternative way of thinking about online training and development 

As a trained facilitator of  'whole person process faciliatation' I use tools that tap help you tap into your left and right brain to create innovative solutions for your business.  I'm also a facilitator of OST (open space technology) which is highly creative, participatory and self-organising way of meeting and hosting learning workshops. Kind of like a structured brainstorm, but better! It's all about the dance between chaos and order – get the balance right and you can maximise your own learning, creavity and productivity as well as your teams. 

Great tools for preventing and resolving employee issues and building fantastic relationships with your clients (and other stakeholders)

I specialised in conflict resolution at uni and have an interest in everything interpersonal. Jo and I have some great tools on hand for building fantastic teams and relationships & resolving employee/client conflict or underperformance. I have a MA with Distinction, specializing in mediation & conflict resolution and have also completed Mediation and Negotiation training with ADR Associates (a U.S based training organisation) and  am a certified facilitator of Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution (a Genuine Contact (TM) Program.

How to align your business mission/purpose with your life purpose and create a business that is truly aligned with who you are and what you want out of life.

This approach to business is a passion of mine and we have developed a great workshop exploring this topic. It's all about connecting with your business mission and vison at a deeper level because we believe this is where true success stems from – and where the true path towards that elusive work/life balance is revealed! 

Loads of experience using adventure, nature and the outdoors as a powerful tool for learning and development

Jo and I have been running outdoors, nature based workshops and leadership programmes with young people and teams for many years. We bring nature into our programs whereever we can – even the online ones!  We are both experienced and qualifed in the ares of risk management, wilderness first aid, adventure-based learning,  mentoring and coaching.



And Jo – I'm Jo Foster, a business consultant with 9 years of management and training experience. I began my career in leadership development working with teenagers in the beautiful mountains of New Zealand.

I soon moved into management roles where I developed a wealth of experience in leadership and management, programme development and training. These early experiences allowed me to observe people of all ages and from all walks of life having insights in which they came to recognise their own potential.

Beyond this, there was a focus on being resourced to apply these learnings back home and boost their results in many areas of life. These roles opened my eyes to the belief that each of us holds the wisdom to move beyond even the most challenging barriers to success, but that often we need a supportive process to get us there.

Throughout my career I have observed that many of us, particularly women, underestimate our own capabilities, yet we have so much to offer. I also understand that women striving for success in small business face a unique set of challenges and barriers and are therefore looking for unique solutions. Consequently, I have embarked on this business venture with Janine.

I'm excited to combine my years of experience in the leadership development sector, with my learnings and understandings of the challenges women in small business are facing. We believe we are offering unique tools for women in small business to creatively solve their challenges and move towards business success.

Like most of you, I have been through a lot of self doubt and hesitation, but ultimately (and with the help of our own programmes) I am realising my ability to follow through on my vision. After several years working and traveling in the UK and Europe, I have recently moved back home to New Zealand to work full time on LYSB. I really value my health and being fit and active and am so pleased to be home where I can further develop my love of the outdoors!

What I Bring to the Party: 

  • Bsc (Hons) in Psychology,
  • Zenergy stage 1 and 2 facilitation certifications
  • Project K Mentor Training
  • Risk Management Training and Wilderness First Aid
  • Currently completing my training to be a certified facilitator of State of Grace Documents.


Walking the Talk on Our Recent Planning Retreat

Baby Bella, Jo and Janine laughing, playing and working in the great outdoors!

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Janine and Jo – thanks for finding me. I sense it’s serendipitous as we want to develop Conscious Travel in NZ first. Also pleased that you’ve connected with Natalie Sissons – what an inspiration. I’m emailing this from Vancouver so it’s too late to continue now but will connect tomorrow.

    • Anna… I just realised we hadn’t replied! Apologies.
      yes its great to connect with you too and I can’t wait to learn more about Conscious Travel, specially here in NZ. Do keep in touch!

    • Ditto Anna, I discovered you on twitter and I am very excited to learn more about your work. Please keep us in the loop!

  • A real cool intro, cheers Marie

  • Jeanne

    Just a quick note – you have the words “to our” duplicated in your opening statement on this page.

    • Thanks for letting us know Jeanne, we appreciate it!

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