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Are you realising your hopes and dreams for you business?

Acting on your entrepreneurial spirit and forging your own path in business takes guts. It can be incredibly rewarding and at the same time incredibly challenging, frustrating and hard!

If you are 'one of the brave' who have made the decision to strike out on your own in business CONGRATULATIONS! you are part of an exciting new breed of women who  desire success, who hold an exciting vision for the kind of  work /life balance they want and who have a passion for thinking outside the box to make things happen.

So what's the problem?

You may have realised – like many women who strike out on their own – that although you are an expert in certain areas of your business there are also some areas where you have some serious gaps in your knowledge. For us, it was sales and marketing – we just didn't know how to reach the women we knew were out there waiting to benefit from our work! You may also find yourself struggling with….

  • a lack of self-belief, wondering whether you can really make it happen.
  • a lack of clarity about where you are taking your business?
  • feelings of frustration and overwhelm as you juggle business and home life. Too much to do with too little time!
  • feelings of isolation as you battle through without the tools and support you need from the people around you?
  • failing to live up to your expectations of yourself or the expectations others have of you (or at least think you are!)
  • getting fed up with trying to market your business and get clients?
  • the discovery that you are not enjoying your business as much as you had hoped!

We'd love to empower you to overcome these challenges!

LYSB offers a range of products and services designed specifically to help you overcome these feelings of overwhelm and doubt.

If you're  not sure where to go next, or you are seeking practical tools to grow your business and get more clients, you are in the right place!

We will support you with affordable solutions and support for taking action


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Why Choose Love Your Small Business?

LYSB combines 15 years of experience managing personal and leadership development programs around the world with pioneering new approaches to business management.

We are taking what we have learnt and applying it to the small business context to provide creative solutions specifically designed to meet your needs. We understand the complex demands placed on women in business. We also understand that women today are looking for innovative ways to achieve business success without compromising on their health and relationships. In fact, we feel the same way! This is why we are so passionate about discovering exciting new tools for business management and sharing them with women like you.  We incorporate fun, creativity and an adventurous spirit into our approaches wherever we can. Our mission is to enable more women to not simply like, but LOVE being in small business!

JOIN US NOW and discover that you have the wisdom and creativity within to confront and resolve even the most difficult issues and challenges you face in your life or business.

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